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Marriage Assessment & Counselling


Your Marriage Counselling process will begin with an invitation to an online assessment.

The SYMBIS+ Marriage Assessment is a comprehensive marriage tool designed specifically for today’s couples.


Upon completion of the online assessment, a 17-page report will be generated.

The report uncovers the positive and negative dynamics of your relationship. Counselling sessions that follow will facilitate conversations about the information in a safe and thoughtful way. More importantly, it will help you develop new skills needed to restore, revitalise and recreate a marriage that is happy and satisfying.

There are 7 distinct sections covered in the report:

  • Marriage Momentum: an aggregate summary of relationship wellness.

  • Mindset: a measure of your attitude towards marriage.

  • Wellbeing: psychological & emotional health.

  • Context: the proverbial "baggage" each bring to the relationship, including social support, finances and role expectations.

  • Dynamics: Love & Sex, Attitudes, Communication, Bridging Gender Gap, Conflict and Spirituality.

  • Time Style: Understanding your two “time styles” can help you reclaim the moments you’ve been missing together.

  • Harmony: Knowing where you stand strongest together and where you might stand apart is a huge step in cultivating more harmony.

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