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Pre-marital Assessment & Counselling


Your marriage preparation counselling will begin with an invitation to an online assessment called SYMBIS.

This is not a test to assess compatibility. Rather, it is a catalyst for personalised insight to help you build a relationship roadmap for increased marital success and fulfilment.


Upon completion of the online assessment,  a 15-page report will be generated.

The report that will give you a clear picture of your personal and relational momentum for marriage, learn how you can leverage the unique combination of your personalities and acquire new skills to strengthen your relationship, giving you a firm foundation for lifelong love.

There are 5 distinct sections covered:

  • Marriage Momentum: an aggregate summary of relationship wellness.

  • Mindset: measure of your attitude towards marriage.

  • Wellbeing: psychological & emotional health.

  • Context: the proverbial "baggage" each bring to the relationship, including social support, finances and role expectations.

  • Dynamics: Love & Sex, Attitudes, Communication, Bridging Gender Gap, Conflict and Spirituality.

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