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Marriage PREPARATION    |    Marriage RESTORATION

Marriage doesn’t make you happy - You make your marriage happy.


- Drs Les & Les Parrott

A Marriage that thrives

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Just as a stunning beautiful garden is the result of patient care and attention, a healthy thriving marriage needs an astute sense of marital skills and ardent devotion. Modern marriages require more mindfulness than ever before as mounting distractions can take our focus off our marriage.


Success in marriage requires an unwavering commitment & intentional focus on maintaining and growing one’s marriage.

Have you somehow settled for a truce-marriage or has your marriage hit some hard times and you are confused and disheartened? If you decide to stick it out to work it out, your marriage can be restored for a happily-ever-after.

Whether it's Marriage Preparation or Marriage Restoration, you can achieve a deep abiding joy and life-long love in marriage.


Pre-marital Assessment & Counselling

Research tells us that Pre-Marriage Counselling is associated with lower levels of destructive conflicts, higher levels of marital satisfaction and higher levels of commitment. Marriage is a lifelong commitment and no matter how cohesive a couple you may be,  problems and differences will inevitably arise.  

We devoted much effort and resources to prepare for the wedding day; but preparing for your marriage is what is going to divorce-proof your marriage. By taking Pre-Marriage Counselling, you are giving yourselves the best insurance coverage a couple could have for a great start to a successful marriage.

Marriage Assessment &   Counselling

Having worked with troubled marriages for a number of years, it is undoubtedly clear how beneficial it is to deal with problems early. When marital problems are ignored, they turn into blockades, resulting in a built up of negative sentiments and toxic behavior, destroying any hopes of restoration. However, the earlier problematic patterns are dealt with, through Marriage Assessment & Counselling, the better the prognosis is for the longevity of the relationship.

It is said that marriage doesn’t make you happy; You make your marriage happy.

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